Expert Travel Tips

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Should You Enroll in a Trusted Traveler Program?

For a fee, travelers can apply for any of these five pre-screening programs that save time in security lines.

How to Read Travel Advisories

Learn about the four levels of Travel Advisory, and how to use this information when traveling abroad.

How to Prepare for the Perfect Road Trip

A road trip can go a lot more smoothly if you plan ahead. Here are some tips.

How to Find Meaningful Souvenirs When Traveling

Follow these tips, like buy local and know the rules, the next time you want to purchase a souvenir on your travels.

How to Apply for a Passport (and How to Keep it Safe)

Everything you need to know about applying for a new U.S. passport.

Enjoy More Rides with Disneyland MaxPass

Disneyland’s new digital upgrade to the free FastPass system promises big payoffs when it comes to avoiding lines.

How to Plan a Big Family Trip

AAA offers five helpful ways to help make a big family trip be a success.

How to Pack Your Trunk Like a Pro

Hitting the highway? Follow these six steps to load your car like a pro.

5 Tech Trends Changing How We Travel

From apps to virtual reality, technology is altering the experience of travel at home and away.

How to Plan an Active Vacation

Do your research, plan ahead, pack lightweight gear, and have AAA help build a travel package to suit your needs.

How to Safely Make the Most of a Long Drive

Spending hours on the road? Here's how to be smart—and safe—behind the wheel.

Plan an Awesome Theme Park Vacation

Five tips for planning a successful theme park vacation.