Car & Driving Tips

Experts share advice on all things related to your car: from how and when to buy or lease a new or used car to how to manage car repairs and scheduled maintenance. Stay updated on car seat laws, learn the basics like how to change a tire, and get practical tips for driving safely and smartly.

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Getting behind the wheel before dawn or after sunset requires extra caution. Here are six tips to help you stay safe.

How to Be a Good Passenger

As a passenger you can play an important role by embracing a helpful attitude and avoiding harmful behavior. 

Distraction-Free Technology for Driving

New sensory warning systems, mobile device disablers, and third-party apps help fight distraction.

How to Prepare for the Perfect Road Trip

A road trip can go a lot more smoothly if you plan ahead. Here are some tips.

5 Things Revolutionizing Car Ownership

Tech is changing how we buy and own cars with online tools, mobile tech, delayed purchase, short-term rentals, and car sharing.

How to Safely Bike on the Road

Six bike safety tips from AAA to help keep you safe.

Get In and Go With Gig Car Share

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How to Safely Make the Most of a Long Drive

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Child Passenger Safety 101

Keep your kids safe in the car from infancy through their teens years.

Simple Steps to Prepare Your Car for Winter

These simple steps can save you time and money this winter. 

Tips for Keeping Your Pets Happy and Healthy on the Road

When you travel with a pet, a few simple precautions can make the journey more fun for everyone.