Requesting reimbursements from AAA is easy. Just follow the instructions below to request a reimbursement.

Automotive and Home Reimbursement Form

Emergency Road Service, Locksmith (Vehicle or Residence), Windshield*

Reimbursement is not provided for:

  • Services paid for under another insurance policy or other program benefit. Charges related to impound or stolen vehicle recovery towing.

  • Charges for vehicle storage.


*For accident related tows not reimbursed through insurance, your signed statement or a statement from your claims adjuster is required.

Emergency Road Service Damage Claim Form

To report vehicle damage resulting from Emergency Road Service, please complete and email claim form to

Although AAA holds its Service Providers to high standards of service, AAA cannot control the manner in which independent Service Providers render services, and AAA will not be liable for their misconduct, negligence or other acts or omissions. AAA will attempt to resolve any Members' vehicle repair and damage complaints resulting from Emergency Road Service provided by our Service Providers. Member complaints should be reported as soon as possible and before additional repairs are made. Failure to do so may limit our ability to assist.

Trip Interruption Reimbursements: Premier and Plus Members Only

To request a reimbursement for a trip cancellation or interruption, please contact.

  •  Phone: 800-334-7525
  •  Fax: 804-673-1469