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Tired of bumper-to-bumper traffic on your way to Yosemite National Park? Josh Sens shares some alternate transportation.

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Simple tips to help you have the best Disneyland vacation possible.

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In Praise of Solo Travel

Traveling on your own can mean discovery, spontaneity, and enjoying the freedom you may not have otherwise.

Travel Memories Projects With Kids

Make the wonderful memories from your family vacation last with these kid-friendly travel project ideas.

How to Make Special Requests in Hotels

Don't let the stigma of staying in a budget-friendly motel hold you back from asking for any extras. They're here to satisfy, too.

5 Safety Tips for Off-Road Vehicles and Watercraft

Summer is a great time to ride recreational vehicles such as dirt bikes, boats, and ATVs, but use caution and common sense.

How to Plan a Family Reunion

Here are some tips for setting up a perfect family get-together.

5 Really Good Reasons to Use a Travel Agent

Discover why in the age of online booking, it still makes sense to use a travel agent.

How to Pack the Car for a Road Trip

Know the smart ways to pack your stuff in the car before you take off on a road trip this summer.

How to Travel Well with Dietary Restrictions

The keys to traveling well include good preparation and on-the-spot diligence.

Tips for Traveling in Warm Climates

Heading to a warm destination? Remember these tips.