5 Things to Do to Prepare for the New Year

When making resolutions, don't forget to include snuggles and sunshine for a happy new year.

Tackle winter chores before it's time to celebrate.

Kamil Macniak / Shutterstock

1. Embrace your hygge. Winter is the season for hygge (pronounced HOO-ga), the Danish word for the sensation of extreme coziness and deep contentment. Get in the spirit: Curl up with a soft blanket and a cup of tea.

2. Catch your rays. Cozy is good, but don't stay in all day. An estimated 10 million Americans experience seasonal affective disorder in fall and winter, when daylight hours wane. Beat the blues by spending 30 minutes a day outdoors.

3. Check your charge. In cold weather, an aging battery may make it difficult to start your car engine. With AAA Battery Service, a tech will come to you, test the battery, and install a new one if needed. Learn more about AAA Battery Service.

4. Protect your e-profile. Jan. 28 is Data Privacy Day. Guard yourself against cyber crime by changing the passwords of your online accounts. Choose a short sentence you'll remember (such as "ilooovemyN3Wcar!"), make it at least 12 characters long, and create a unique one for each website.

Crack into your dinner. Easterners can keep their lobster: Westerners would rather have Dungeness crab. The season for these sweet, briny sea scrabblers is now in full swing.