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10 Things to Do to Get Ready for Spring

'Tis the season for cleaning, reading, and—unfortunately—sneezing. Win at spring with these tips, tricks, and twists.

Tips to Avoid Driving Distractions

From drinking coffee to talking on your cell phone, driving is full of potential distractions. Here's how to stay safe. 

How to Avoid Pedestrian and Bike Accidents When Driving

Drivers need to keep an eye out for pedestrians on the road. Follow our helpful guidelines to avoid accidents.

How to Safely and Legally Share the Road with Cyclists

Motorists can coexist with cyclists by following these six tips.

Is Your Child's Car Seat Properly Installed?

When you're driving, no cargo is more precious than your kids. Make sure they are safe in a properly sized and installed car seat.

How to Creatively Wrap a Present

Ditch the grocery-store bows and reused bags. Here’s how to dress up a box, wine bottle, gift bag, and lumpy present like a pro.

How to Overcome a Fear of Flying

Follow these steps to learn how to better manage your fear of flying and actually enjoy the journey to your destination.

How to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Here are the steps you can take to keep yourself and your possessions from getting soaked.

Q&A with Food Network Star Ayesha Curry

The Food Network star, Ayesha Curry, shares her tips for cooking and connecting.

How to Plan a Romantic Weekend Away

Here's everything you need to know to plan a special, romantic trip for your partner.

15 Ways to Organize Your Digital Life

Simplify your storage, protect your data, and reclaim your sanity.

How to Clean Out and Organize Your Closet Without Stress

Is your closet bursting at the doors? Follow these steps to clean it out, refocus your wardrobe, and feel less stressed.