Eat & Drink

Discover the best places to eat and drink in the West. Find unique places to eat in your favorite cities, unearth regional food and wine specialities, and dive deep into the history of food and how it reflects the varied cultures of the West.

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Feast at the Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival

Food and fun join forces at the Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival. 

Santa Rosa: A Craft Beer Destination

San Diego has long reigned supreme as California’s craft beer destination, but this NorCal town has also secured a top spot.

Santa Cruz’s Abbott Square Market

Opened in 2017, this public plaza and gastro-hub has become a popular destination in downtown Santa Cruz.

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Izakayas: Japanese Small Plate Dining

Grilled, raw, steamed, and fried–these izakayas serve up some of the best Japanese dishes in the West.