Get Peace of Mind with an International Driving Permit


An International Driving Permit gives you the peace of mind and freedom to explore the open road no matter where you travel.

Required in almost 80 countries and valid in more than 150 countries, the permit contains your name, photo, and driver license information translated into ten languages and effectively communicates to foreign officials that you are an authorized driver.

AAA is authorized by the U.S. Department of State to sell International Driving Permits. Don't be fooled by unauthorized online sellers - get your valid permit from AAA. 

How to get your International Driving Permit:

Please choose one of the following options:

Apply in person:

AAA branches with travel and passport photo services can take your required photos and process your permit application in about 15 minutes. Find your local branch. Bring the following items with your completed application (PDF):

• $15 permit fee
• Your valid U.S. state or territorial driver license
• You can either bring in two original passport-size photos, or we can take your photos in a branch at an additional cost

Note: If you plan on driving in Brazil or Uruguay, check the Inter-American Driving Permit box in application form.

Apply by mail:
Send the following items with your completed application to the address provided on the form. Allow two weeks for processing.

• Two ORIGINAL passport-size photos
• Photocopy of both the front and back of your valid U.S. state or territorial driver license
• $15 permit fee - make check payable to "AAA"

How to Determine Your Eligibility for the IDP

In order to be eligible for an International Driving Permit, you must be at least 18 years old and hold a valid U.S. state or territorial driver license. If your license was issued by another country, your permit must be obtained from the country that issued your driver license. AAA is not authorized to issue an International Driving Permit to anyone that does not hold a valid United States driver license.

Don’t Forget Your Passport Photos

If you apply for an International Driving Permit, or if you're just renewing your passport, many AAA branches provide passport photo services. Passport photos are $15 for Members and $20 for non-members.

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