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The security of AAA Emergency Road Service goes with you in any car, anywhere. And with our network of 44,000 service vehicles nationwide, we get to you faster. Don’t find yourself stuck on the side of the road without AAA.

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Membership Renewal Policy
We send Members a renewal notice before the Membership expires. Upon expiration, we provide a 71-day grace period within which Members can renew while maintaining the Membership inception year and renewal date. If a Member renews during this grace period, unless the Member notifies us that the Member is electing to cancel their prior Membership, we will automatically renew the Membership effective as of the renewal date of the prior Membership and no enrollment fee will apply. During this grace period, we continue to provide Membership services except roadside assistance. We will provide roadside assistance only if Membership is renewed or Member pays separately for such service.

If a Member chooses to notify us that they are electing to cancel their prior Membership during this grace period, we will start a new Membership with a new inception year and renewal date. However, the standard enrollment fee for a new Member will apply.