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Miles of FREE towing   5 miles 100 miles 200 miles
Emergency fuel and delivery   FREE delivery*

FREE fuel & FREE delivery

FREE fuel & FREE delivery

Locksmith reimbursement
for car and home
  $60 locksmith
(car only)
$100 locksmith
(car only)
$100 locksmith
(car and home)

AAA Mobile Battery Service - Save $25 on new battery installation

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More than 7,000 AAA Approved Auto Repair shops - Save 10% on labor at many locations

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AAA Discounts (1,000s of locations nationwide) - Save $100 a year on average   checkmark checkmark checkmark
DMV services available at most AAA branches   checkmark checkmark checkmark
FREE Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Membership   checkmark checkmark checkmark

Expert travel consultants to help plan your next vacation, cruise or getaway

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Road Trip Interruption and Delay coverage (requiring overnight stay) - Premier: $1,500 | Plus: $500      checkmark  checkmark

Lost Baggage coverage (road trip only) - Premier: $500 | Plus: $200

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Dedicated toll-free number       checkmark
Motorcycle roadside services       checkmark
RV towing service - up to 200 miles       checkmark
Automotive repair hotline       checkmark
Windshield repair/replacement reimbursement - $50       checkmark
Travel Accident Insurance (worldwide, for travel purchased through AAA) - $300,000        checkmark
Emergency Medical Transportation coverage (worldwide) - $25,000     
One-day FREE car rental with a tow        checkmark
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*Member pays for fuel.

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