Make Claims Easier - Document Your Possessions

Having an up-to-date household property inventory could make your life much easier

Download the Personal Property Inventory Form to help record all of your household possessions. Get the information you need to file a complete and accurate claim.

Photocopy your wallet
Copy the fronts and backs of your credit and debit cards, insurance cards, license or other ID, membership cards and more. Then if your wallet is lost or stolen, it will be easier for you to report and replace the missing items.

Create a document location list
It's easy-jot down where you store your documents, indicating what's in your home filing cabinets, storage boxes, lock box and safe-deposit box at a bank. Then when you need to find your documents, you won't waste time looking for them. Just refer to your locator list and you're set.

Write up your personal inventory
Make a list of your banking, loan, credit card, insurance, investment and real estate information. For each account, include the issuer's name, account type and number, name of the account holder, customer service numbers, expiration and payment due dates, online user names and passwords, and other pertinent information. That way you'll have quick access to your accounts-all in one place.

Plus, put together a list of jewelry, artwork, electronics and other household valuables, with an estimate of their worth. Take photos or video of each item to keep with your inventory. And remember to update your homeowners policy with any new high-ticket purchases. This will make it easier for you when filing an insurance claim.

File your documents for safekeeping
Gather your wallet photocopies and lists. Make three sets of photocopies of everything and:

• Place one set in a clearly marked file at home.
• Store one set in a watertight, fireproof file with your Disaster Preparedness Kit.
• Put one copy in your safe-deposit box at the bank.
• Give one set to your attorney, trusted friend or family member who doesn't live with you.

And that's it-your papers are organized, and you can check a "spring cleaning" project off your to-do list.

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