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Whether preparing for an earthquake or preventing a home fire before it starts, AAA has 100 years of safety expertise to help guide you through the task at hand.

Vehicle Insurance

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Auto Insurance
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Auto Insurance Fraud Schemes: Be aware of these tactics that crooks use to defraud innocent drivers with false claims.

Mexico Auto Insurance: Learn why it’s critical to carry tourist liability insurance when driving in Mexico and see how easy it is to purchase online from AAA.

DMV Services: Renew your vehicle registration or perform other select DMV tasks at a local AAA branch today.

Motorcycle Safety: Before you get your motor running and head out on the highway, check out these valuable road safety tips.

Car & Traffic Safety: Practice road safety with our safety tips, programs and resources for all ages.

Property Insurance

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Home Insurance
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Safe Trampoline Fun: Its all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Check out these Do's and Don't's to keep trampoline play safe and fun.

Disaster Preparedness and Recovery: Get claims filing directions and tips on minimizing the impact natural disasters can have on your home or vehicle.

AAA Tips for Wildfire Safety: Keep your home and family out of harm's way with these helpful tips.

Earthquake Response: Find post-quake resources and important safety tips.

Flood Response and Preparedness: Get details on flood relief and tips on how to prepare in advance.

Personal Fire Safety: Know how to protect yourself in the event of a fire.

Protect Your Home from Critters: Mice, rodents, and termites are just a few of the many pest that might want to share your house. Know how to keep them out.

Safety in Your Yard: Take a walk around your property and follow these guidelines for making your yard safer.

Prevent Water Damage: Small leaks can cause major damage in a short time. Checking potential leak zones and a little simple maintenance can stem the tide.

Steps to Keep Your Furnace Healthy: A clean, efficient and well vented furnace can help protect the health of your house and your family.

Your Home's Electrical System: It's the most complex and potentially dangerous system of your home. Be aware of the risks and take steps to keep your family safe.

Life Insurance & Annuity

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Term Life Insurance 
Whole Life Insurance Universal Life Insurance  


Fighting Insurance Fraud: Learn about the impact of insurance fraud on consumers and how you can help fight back.

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