File a Claim

File a Claim by Phone

Initiate your claim anywhere, anytime by calling our toll free numbers:

California and Nevada residents call 800-922-8228
Utah residents call 800-207-3618

If you have American Modern Specialty Insurance coverage for your motorcycle or ATV, mobile/manufactured home, watercraft or collector vehicle, please call 888-438-4485.

For glass-only claims, please call 800-251-0511

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Special Advice for Natural Disaster Claims

Get disaster-specific claims filing directions and tips on minimizing the impact natural disasters can have on your home or vehicle.

The West's dry weather can often result in high fire danger all year round. Get information on fire victim relief and advice on how to keep fire from damaging your home. Learn more» 

With the ability to cause major damage, earthquakes can leave both property and emotions devastated. Find post-quake resources and safety tips. Learn more» 

Usually resulting from heavy storms, floods can cause a range of structural and environmental damage. Get details on flood relief and tips on how to prepare in advance. Learn more» 

Other Natural Disasters
From thunderstorms to high winds natural disasters come in many different forms. AAA has resources to help you recover and move on. Learn more» 

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Make Repairs

Find AAA-approved auto repair facilities and home repair facilities in your area.