How do I file a claim for damage to my car?

In order to file a claim for damage to your car, you must first must determine whether you have a "Glass-Only" claim or an "All Other Auto" claim.

AAA has a streamlined glass-only claims process. If you have Comprehensive Coverage, you will be covered for windshield replacement, but you will have to pay your deductible. If the window can be repaired rather than replaced, your deductible will be deferred.

Glass-only claims include:

Damage to the front windshield, driver side glass, passenger side glass and read-window glass
Cracks, chips or scratches to the glass and molding

There should be no damage to the body of the car or interior upholstery, and no missing personal property. If any of these conditions exist, the claim should be reported as an All Other Auto Claim.

All Other Auto claims include:

•  Damage to your vehicle
Damage to another vehicle
Damage to other property
Personal injury caused by an automobile accident
Theft of your vehicle or other personal property

You can file a new claim by calling our toll-free number: (800) 922-8228.