How can disable my browser's pop-up blocker to let me view certain pages on

In a few places on our website we open another web page window. If you click on a button or link and nothing happens or the current page seems to refresh itself, this problem usually occurs when you have popup/ad blocker software on your PC. (Pop-up Blockers are commonly found within browsers, third party/stand-alone software, and firewall/security/anti-virus programs.)

In order to access these links/buttons, any popup/ad blockers should be configured to allow pop-ups from and This site does not use pop-up ads, but does open certain functions in new windows.

Microsoft Internet Explorer Users
Internet Explorer 6.0 with the SP2 patch, includes a Pop-up Blocker. It should be configured to allow new window requests/pop-ups from and To configure the Pop-up Blocker in Internet Explorer:

Click on "Tools", then "Pop-up Blocker".
Then click on "Pop-up Blocker Settings" to configure the pop-up blocker or "Turn Off Pop-up Blocker" if you want to disable or temporarily disable the pop-up blocker.
If you chose to configure the blocker settings, add (or and (or to the "Allowed sites."
You could also check the box (if not already checked) next to "Show Information Bar when a pop-up is blocked." With this checked, if you are on a website, such as Internet TripTik and a link or button does not seem to work, the Information Bar acts like an alert mechanism. Click on it to see your options. Your options should include allowing pop-ups from the website you are currently on.

Netscape Users
Newer versions of Netscape include a "Popup Manager". It is enabled by default to stop "popup" windows from opening. This should be changed to allow pop ups from and

To change:

Click on Edit > Preferences;
Expand the Privacy & Security Category and click on Popup Windows;
Make sure there is not a dark circle in the circle next to "Suppress popups," by clicking on the "Allowed popups" circle and then click on Exceptions button to add both (or and (or

Earthlink Users and AOL Users
Both Earthlink and AOL have popup blockers automatically included in their software. Please contact Earthlink or AOL and ask how to configure the blocker to accept new window requests from and

Anti-Virus, Firewall, & Security Product Users
Some of these products, such as Norton, include popup blockers. You will need to contact the product manufacturer and ask how to configure the blocker to accept new window requests from and

Note: If you have enabled pop-ups for all sites and not just, you may want to re-enable your pop-up blocker for when you visit other sites on the web.