Safe Driving Tips

Make your trip safer with these AAA resources.

Learn to recognize road hazards, keep up-to-date on driving laws, and get valuable tips for driving in hazardous conditions.

Drowsy Driving
Avoid this danger with these helpful suggestions.

Winter Driving
Valuable advice and tips for dealing with hazardous winter road conditions.

Preparing for Road Trips
Before you hit the highway, make sure your car's ready for the adventures ahead.

Managing Distracted Driving
Minimize distractions behind the wheel with these tips.

Online Traffic School
Save 10% on the “I Drive Safely” online traffic school course––satisfies the court requirement for the dismissal of a traffic ticket in participating jurisdictions.

Defensive Driving Tips
Find valuable tips for improving your defensive driving skills.

Cost of Your First DUI
Learn the consequences of driving under the influence.

Dealing with a Vehicle Breakdown
These steps will help keep you safe when your car breaks down on the highway.

Shopping Mall Driving Tips
Better navigate the hidden hazards of parking lots.

Choosing a Vehicle for Safety
Discover the features to look for.

Airbag Safety Tips
Learn how to increase the effectiveness of your airbags.

Motorcycle Safety
Find valuable tips for riders and drivers.

AAA's Tipsy Tow Program
Take advantage of our service that gets drunk drivers off the road.

Keep Your Car Interior Cool in the Summer
Tips to help beat the summer heat and keep your car cool.

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