Keep Your Kids Safe

Explore our resources for proper child car seat installation, learn more about car and booster seat laws, and get tips to ensure your child's safety when they are in other people's cars, on buses, bikes or on foot.


Selecting a Car Seat
Buckle up your child every trip, every time.

Child Car Seat Inspections
Locate a certified child car seat technician in your area.

Car and Booster Seat Laws
Learn the laws for California, Nevada and Utah.

School's Open, Drive Carefully
Use our safety tips when driving near schools.

Tips for Carpooling Children
Find helpful advice for parents and young passengers.

AAA School Drop-Off & Pick-Up Safety Tips for Parents
Check your driving habits to prevent school-zone dangers.

Safety to and from School
Keep your kids safe no matter how they get to school—walking, biking or taking the bus.

Safety Patrol
Learn how to start the AAA Safety Patrol program at your child’s school.

Otto Club
Kids 4-7 can learn safety from Otto the Auto on this animated online site.

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