Vehicle Inspection Tests

The following tests are performed by AAA's expert technicians at our vehicle inspection clinics and Car Care Plus facilities.


General Inspection

Horns Windshield Wipers

Mirrors Inside/Outside Windshield Cracked, Chipped


Headlight Aim (Visual) Stop Lights

Headlight Units Hi-Lo Indicator License-Back-Up Lights

Parking Lights Side Lights

Turn Signals Cornering Lights

Turn Cancellation Fog Lights

Tail Lights  


Belts - A/P - P/S - A/C - Gen/Alt Hoses: Heater Bypass, Coolant

Pulley - Water Pump Vacuum Lines


Engine Clutch Fluid

Auto Transmission Valve Covers

Power Steering Level/Leaks/Hoses Oil Sending Unit (leaks)

Cooling System

Pressure Cap Radiator Overflow Tank

Coolant Level Freeze Plugs

Anti-Freeze Cooling Fans/Clutch Fan


Carrier/Hold-Down/Cables Specific Gravity/Charge Indicator

Water Level  

Starting/Charging System

Battery Voltage Recovery Voltage

Cranking Voltage Charging Amps

Starter Amp Draw Charging Voltage

Cranking RPM  

Fuel System Inspection

Air Filter Accelerator Pump

Choke Throttle Positioner

Unloader Vacuum Break Fuel Hoses

Linkage Fast Idle  

Ignition System

Circuit Resistance Spark Plugs

Idle Speed Available Voltage Firing Time

Base Timing Secondary Wires

Spark Advance Coil Polarity

Point/Condenser Operation Cap and Rotor

Dwell Deg Coil&

Dwell Variations  

Emission Components-Visual

PVC Fuel Restrictor



EVP O2Sensor

Exhaust Emissions

Low Speed Test (idle) CO%/HC ppm High Speed Test (2500 RPM) CO%/HC ppm

Cylinder Balance

Electronic test used to determine engine performance. May detect problems caused by fuel, intake and ignition systems not revealed by a compression test. Determines if compression or cylinder leak down test needs to be done by a repair facility, possibly saving you the extra expense of these tests.

Computer System

Check Engine Light Trouble Codes


Tire Pressure Tire Wear

Tread Depth  


Shock Absorber/Struts Idler Arm Pitman Arm

Universal Joints Tie Rods Ends Relay Rod

CV Joint Boots Control Arm Bushing

Engine/Transmission Mounts Rack & Pinion

F/R Axle Bearings Strut Rods Sway Bar

Brake System

Fluid Level Front/Rear Rear Lining Pads

Brake Hoses Drum/Rotor

Parking Brake Function Cylinders/Calipers Leaks, Rusty

Front Lining Pads Self Adjusters

Exhaust System

Manifold Gasket Muffler Resonator Converter

Heat Riser EFE Valve Intermediate Pipe

Exhaust Pipe/Tail Pipe Supports