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As a Membership organization AAA exists to serve its Members. So it’s no wonder so many of our Members have such amazing things to say about AAA Insurance, Travel, and Membership benefits. Here are some of their stories.

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"I tried the engine but it wouldn’t start. Since we didn’t know what had happened, I called AAA."
“I told my agent I was going to be out in the bush and wouldn’t be able to confirm my return flights
“It was just three days until closing and my insurer flaked. I needed other home insurance fast, or
"Sure the whales were amazing, but the savings were killer. We wound up saving over $100 on one trip
"We zoomed across the country with the dogs in the back of the car."
"They were fooling around, the boat rocked, suddenly water is coming over the side, and boom...
“My flight was leaving the next morning. I was in a fix.”
"My AAA vacation specialist made me feel like he was sitting there eight hours a day just waiting fo
"I’ve been a AAA Member since the 1970’s, and I wouldn’t give up my Membership for the world.”
"Unlike some other companies that make loud promises that they don’t fulfill, AAA gives me precisely

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