John's Savings Story

"…they told me I would get a thirty percent discount on my glasses! I was actually shocked—and very

Back in the late 1960s, John Byrne and his buddies in the San Jose, CA, band the Count Five became famous for their song "Psychotic Reaction," a Billboard-chart-topping hit in which John lamented that he was going crazy because his "best girl" wouldn't give him any love or satisfaction.

Fortunately, as a longtime AAA Member, John has been far more satisfied.

 "AAA is an outstanding company that has always given me and my family exceptional service and great peace of mind," he says (coincidentally invoking the title of his band's second single, "Piece of Mind"). "I think the three A's could actually stand for good service given Always, Anytime and Anywhere." But even John was surprised to learn just how valuable the benefits of AAA Membership could be.

"Recently, I needed new prescription glasses, so I went to a LensCrafters store," John explains. "They happened to ask me if I had a AAA Card. When I said yes and showed it to them, they told me I would get a thirty percent discount on my glasses. I was actually shocked-and very pleased. That's a significant savings."

John has since used his AAA Membership Card to get discounts on prescription medication and on a new home alarm system. "With the alarm, it was another instance where the ADT salesperson who came to our home asked if my wife or I was a AAA Member," John says. "And again, I was amazed to learn that our AAA Membership would earn us a break on the price."

John has some advice to offer fellow AAA Members, as well as anyone considering joining the organization. "Read the list of benefits and savings thoroughly," he says. "If you're like me, then the more you learn about what AAA offers the more impressed you'll be. The value you get for the reasonable Membership fee is just remarkable."

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